About Me

Ray Couture, Astrologist

Ray Couture is a highly regarded astrological counselor and life coach. Ray Couture is of French-Canadian of Lakota Sioux and Cajun descent. Ray has been involved with Astrology for over 45+ years and has studied with such greats as Dane Rudhyar the Father of Humanistic Astrology and has presented workshops and lectures the Sabian Symbols, by author Marc Edmund Jones.

He owned and operated the metaphysical bookstore called "Earth-Sign Books" in San Francisco and Berkeley (CA) hosting many of today's Astrological luminaries, such as Dane Rudhyar, Marc Edmund Jones, Robert Hand, Alan Oken and Liz Green.

He created Meta Media, a film company, to produce the only existing record of an important lecture by Dane Rudhyar, a company his wife has taken over to produce his monthly astrology reports on youtube. He has produced many radio shows including a series entitled "Astrological Perspectives" on KPFA radio and he was a cohost for New Dimensions. Radio programs exploring the cutting edge of new developments in human consciousness on KQED, KALW and KPFA as co-host and producer.