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Transpersonal Astrology Study Group

Begins on February 19th 2020 - Registration closes on Feb 8th 2020

Online Via Zoom

In person (Seattle area only)

After more than 50 years of practicing astrology I have decided it is time to invite others to study transpersonal astrology with me for a year. Transpersonal Astrology is really best understood as spiritual astrology. The spiritual depth of astrology cannot be adequately addressed in beginning classes, so I am offering a year’s mentorship and a number of seminars to everyone who joins this group. 

Today we are all faced with a crisis that is not of our making but one in which we all must find a part to play. Especially needed are people who can inspire others to reach above and beyond. Individuals are important, but more so as a part of humanity in the same way the one cannot elevate the importance of a lung cell over and above the importance of the lung.

Working in this group will advance your spiritual sense of self and provide astrological insights and tools to assist you in developing your own spiritual life as well as that of your clients and your community of friends and associates.

The cost of this year long mentorship in Transpersonal Astrology is only $500 (easily half the price you expect to pay elsewhere for a lot less).

To register fill out the form below and sign up for the year of Transpersonal Astrology Study Group and making the required non-refundable deposit of $100 that holds your place in the group.

The balance must be paid over the next 4 months which means by the end of June 2020. Please make your deposit at paypal.com using my email address to access the payment section and submit by the registration deadline.

Transpersonal Astrology Study Group

Register Here by February 8th, 2020

Global March for Humanity!

 I am posting this link to a you tube channel that will shake you into wanting to cry and take action as well. It is about the possible end of humanity due to human activity. and climate change. Please listen carefully and share as widely and as quickly as you can. If you can please contact any and all environmental groups and scientists and ask to organize a MARCH FOR HUMANITY TO SURVIVE CLIMATE CHANGE.

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